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Thank You For Your Thank You May 31, 2012 – Posted by pluto178
This morning I received a beautiful hand-made card in the post. The envelope was marked "Thank you!" and I didn’t open it immediately whilst I tried to work out who it had come from. Who could be saying thanks to me?

Happily I had a few choices. When I opened it I discovered it was from a lady I had sent a free gift to on eBay.

She was completely overwhelmed by this random act of kindness from a stranger and has since joined the HelpOthers family.

She had made the card especially for me with pink butterflies on the front. It was lovely! The thing that surprised me the most was that she actually used the words "I love you" to me. How wonderful to be such a positive spirit as to love so freely . Most of us are very cautious when using those three words.

I hope she enjoys the stories she finds on HelpOthers and I am sure she will be finding new ways to spread love and kindness too.

Thank you for sending me your love, which I know will lift my whole day!

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