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Believing in Kindness June 21, 2012 – Posted by whitby98
I was on a long drive this past weekend and stopped for a rest break. I noticed a man in a wheelchair sitting by the stop sign. He was holding a sign that read, "trying to make it home for the holidays". I quickly dismissed it because I had no cash to give him. I watched as people drove by and either ignored him or stared at him like he was a curiosity of sorts. I felt really badly for him.

I started to drive away but turned around and asked him if he was hungry. For some reason, I seem to be called to feed hungry people lately. He seemed shocked that someone was interested in his well-being and said yes, he would like a sandwich and a soda.

I know some people balk at the idea of giving money to strangers because they may use that money for drugs or alcohol or some other undesirable purpose. Since I don’t usually have much cash on me anyway, I figured it would be a good bet to offer food instead.

Inside the convenience store, I purchased a sandwich and soda, some water, cookies, chips and assorted snacks, and a nice warm sausage biscuit (it was cold that morning). I offered them to my friend who was elated to receive so many goodies.

I asked his name. He was known as Chewbacca, but people usually called him Chewie (he was a large man with lots of hair and a thick beard). I introduced myself and handed him a Smile Card. He read it with a big smile and said "I always believed in random acts of kindness!"

As I drove away, I said a silent prayer that Chewie makes it home for the holidays, or at least he spends them somewhere safe and warm.

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