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Blanket Of Warmth July 17, 2012 – Posted by unknown
It’s never too late to share a kindness story even when you are about to go on holiday.

It begins with a hobby of mine…knitting. My nan and mum bless their hearts taught me to knit many years ago and it has always been a passion of mine making things for people and over the years I have made a few things for family and friends. I have always found it very therapeutic and relaxing.

Now my biggest enjoyment of knitting is making large blankets..some square patterned and some embroidered. Over a long period of time I have managed to make about 15 and have kept them in storage but have always hoped one day I would be able to give them away free to people that needed them. A few years back I found out that Oxfam would not be able to take them off my hands for me and send abroad so I have just kept on making them, and continued putting them in storage as I have always believed one day they will come in useful for something and help someone.

Today an act of kindness happened. Just in passing I spoke to a friend of a friend and my blankets came up in conversation. Now lo and behold some of my blankets have gone to an elderly couple for extra warmth!

This really made me smile that I could contribute to this act of kindness and it just goes to show how something so little can be appreciated so much — and the feeling you get for that is AMAZING!

I hope one day I will be able to send my blankets abroad as an act of kindness to help underprivellaged children or adults. It is important to remember that we should always be grateful for what we do have in life as some people are not always as lucky as you and if we continue carrying out these acts of kindness that we do to make anyone smile…it makes us an all round better person. No one can take away that feeling you receive when you do a true act of kindness for someone.

I am so grateful that I have been able to carry out some random acts of kindness lately. Has really made me smile and being able to do this whilst on a journey of healing and self improvement is beyond phenomenal.


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