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Dharma Quote of the Week
July 30, 2012


When Orgyen Rinpoche was about to leave for the continent of Camara, he left this final testament:

The benefits of the six syllables (Om mani padme hum) cannot be expressed or reckoned even by all the Buddhas of the three times. Why? Because it is the quintessence of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara’s mind that constantly, compassionately surveys the six types of sentient beings; and because it liberates all beings from the cycle of existence. Therefore, kings and subjects of future generations hold fast to the Great Compassionate One! Recite the six syllables! Have no anxiety about going into the miserable states of existence. This is the tutelary deity of this snowy land of Tibet, so offer prayers of supplication with faith, reverence, and veneration. Blessings will directly be experienced. Do not be of two minds or foster doubt. None of the Buddhas of the three times has taught any Dharma more profound than this. Nor do I, Acarya Padmasambhava, teach or know of anything more profound. Let all the kings and subjects of Tibet who are living now and who will come in the future bear this in mind.

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