InnerNet Weekly: What Astrology Teaches Us

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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
What Astrology Teaches Us
by Isabel Hickey

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Astrology is not meant to be a primarily predictive science. It is meant to be for understanding ourselves and also for understanding other people. I’ve had a number of interviews recently where I was amazed that people thought it was fatalistic. It’s not — absolutely not. There is nothing in a horoscope, that blue-print, that pattern, that you cannot change if you want to. I’ve seen this over the years. It’s the stories of the cycles and rhythms you are going through, and what you have brought over from the past to work out. It shows your character. You can read it the day a child is born; you can tell what they have brought over as a blessing and what they have brought over as a challenge that they have to change. But that is only the personality pattern. Behind the personality lies your real self, and you center yourself in that essential thing.

A great while ago, an Eastern teacher taught me something and I’ve watched it work over the years. We are vibrationally connected to everything that happens to us. There is only one way we can change what we do in this life, and that is by changing our attitude toward it; this changes our consciousness. This is a cosmic law that few people know. By changing your attitude, one of two things has to happen. Either person or the problem will be completely removed without any harm to anyone, or that person or problem will change so much that you will be able to live with it very easily. Now, in over thirty years, I’ve never seen it proved wrong in a person who changed their attitude, their consciousness.

This world of appearance is not the creative world; this is the world of manifestation that always changes. We create our conditions inside us and if we want to change what is manifesting in the world of apperance, we must change ourselves and our conciousness. That’s how we change what happens. I’ve seen this verified over and over. Never saw it wrong.

When we change our attitude, we start blessing that which we are fighting against.

–Isabel Hickey

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What Astrology Teaches Us
What tools (including but certainly not limited to astrology) have particularly helped you to understand your blessings and challenges? How do you center yourself in that essential thing that lies behind your personality? Can you share a personal story of an attitude change that shifted your consciousness to allow you to “bless that which you are fighting”?
xiaoshan wrote: This is a long stretch between the predictive nature of astrology and human attitude – nevertheless a very unique perspective. I liked it….
Conrad P Pritscher wrote: Thanks for the opportunity to respond. It seems that Isabel is rather certain and I am cautious about that. Frequently, when I’m looking for an answer. I find that which I am looking f…
david doane wrote: The ‘tool’ that has helped me most is awareness that I am one with all that is and that all that is is sacred. That results in my becoming more accepting, less judgmental, more com…
Ganoba wrote: One half of our being is inside and the other half outside. Both these are dynamic, they keep changing, evolving. We can get a picture of these two using various tools. Astrology is one of them….
Ganoba wrote: My whole life has been a process of revisiting beliefs that i hold about all aspects of life. Belief systems, values, attitudes seem to provide answers to the problems life presents from ti…
Narendra wrote: "What tools (including but certainly not limited to astrology) have particularly helped you to understand your blessings and challenges?… Many modern scientists believe …
Conrad P. Pritscher wrote: Dave, Ganoba, an Narenda ave written great responses. I would like to have them write an article for us to respond to some time. Warm and kind regards to everyone….
Swamy Vigyananand wrote: The pity is nothing in this writing (understanding , brought over from the past , vibrationally connected , attitude, consciousness, ‘start blessing that which we are fighting against&rsqu…
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