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Birthday Party In A Box November 13, 2012 – Posted by ziva
Annie, a neighbor’s daughter, was away for her first semester at college this past school year. She is a very sweet girl but just a bit shy. When her birthday month came around I found out she was feeling a bit blue and lonely.

Her family is quite small and finances are tight so there wouldn’t be any birthday visitors.

I wanted to send her a card and maybe a small gift to brighten her day a bit. I got her school address from her Mom and planned to simply pick something up and send it. Then I got an idea!

I thought perhaps a bit more birthday cheer was needed here. I bought some balloons, streamers, birthday hats, and other small novelties at a dollar store.

I took a small recorder and asked three other people in my area at work to sing Happy Birthday and send some birthday wishes to her. It was such fun making the recording! Other people found out what we were doing and added their voices, so it really sounded like we had a party going on!

Then I bought her a small present and a card as originally planned.

The real fun was packing it to be sent. I opened the balloons, streamers, etc., and arranged everything so it was like opening a mini birthday party!

At the last minute I added a pack of cupcakes and a box of birthday candles before sending it off!

I got a call a few days later. Annie said her roommate and one of their neighbors in the dorm got together with her and "assembled" the party for her once it arrived. Another girl from down the hall joined them and quite the celebration ensued! She sounded so happy and I was so glad that she had some friends to share her special day with.

It was such an easy and fun thing to do. The people who helped me make the tape still laugh and talk about it. And Annie tells me it was the most fun birthday she can remember!

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