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Selling The Cowboy Caddy November 20, 2012 – Posted by joesmith
My husband has always had a huge affection for older people and has helped out several elderly friends in the past, but this story is different!

Mr Daves fished the same lake as my husband John for over 15 years. A friendship developed but when Mrs Daves died, five years ago, it left Mr Daves alone. They had no children and after sixty years of marriage he was lost. So John took Mr Daves fishing with him every time he went – which was often. Mr. Daves was very energetic for 80 years old and never tired of being with John.

A few years later Mr Daves had a stroke that paralyzed his right side. He lost his speech and was put into a nursing home. Confined to his bed and unable to communicate Mr Daves began to suffer from depression. This almost broke John’s heart.

He finally got permission from the nursing home to take Mr Daves out for a ride. They were both excited to be together again but it was very painful for Mr Daves to be lifted into John’s truck. Because he was paralyzed on one side the weight of that side pulled heavily on his good side. John worried about this but still took him out about every ten days.

John had gotten his truck a year earlier and it was the truck of his dreams, a real cowboy Cadillac. He came home one day and announced he was selling it so we could buy a van that was equipped for a wheelchair. We researched these vehicles and found one which he bought. He did sell his truck and uses this van for his transportation. It isn’t sporty or fast but it sure eases Mr Daves pain on their outings and they both enjoy them so much more.

John has rigged up a special fishing rod that Mr Daves can use, so they still go fishing together. Even though Mr. Daves can’t talk, he has led the nursing home staff to believe John is his son.

Mr Daves is getting old now at 86 but is still enjoying life thanks to John. I don’t know anyone who would give up their prized possession to help a friend. I hope he can be an example for others to take similar steps to help those who are in need.

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