Aspirations of the Bodhichitta

The 3rd scope…
When I meet the close one, the difficult one or the one I do not know, may I always understand that these are ever shifting labels -tomorrow an enemy becomes a friend, and my friend an stranger.

May I remember that all these beings have been so dear to me from time to time throughout the infinite lifetimes during which we have traveled the universe together – mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, lovers, teachers and friends.

May I see the radiant kindness of all these dear ones in every bite I eat, every road I travel, every book I read, every word I speak, every Dharma thought I think and in every single enjoyment and comfort I experience.

May I be filled with great joy at the mere hope for some chance to repay their incomprehensible kindness.

May I look closely enough to see in each being’s eyes that they are just like me, wanting desperately not to suffer and longing to be happy.

May my mind be vast enough to see our interdependence, that my happiness depends on every single one.

May my wisdom be sharp enough to realize that none of us are who we think we are, that I am not self and they are not other, like this hill and the other side of the valley, that all identities are delusions.
When I am self obsessed, when I ignore these kind, close ones of my past, present and future, when I hate them, when I am jealous, when I am arrogant, when I am competitive – may I be confident that every moment of my every pain and dissatisfaction will grow from such a mind, that herein at my own heart lies the world’s war and conflict, poverty and ungraciousness.

May I imagine how rich and beautiful it would be for me and others if I, with pure affection, saw their potential, their beauty, and the singular snowflakes of their lives. May I see how happy and at ease my life would be if I were delighted by each and every being I encounter, no longer at odds with the universe and beings, able to make my every moment meaningful.

May the experiences of every being be joyful, their thoughts be beautiful. May their lives be long and peaceful, may they be happy and may they fully awaken. May every good which I have ever known flow out into the world with my every breath.

May every living being, every bird, fish and insect, every human being in every country on every continent be free of hurt and sickness, fear and grief, loneliness and hatred. May I see the vulnerability, anxiety and confusion in the eyes of those I mistrust, may I truly behold the infinite sea of strangers who are all those I have loved in the past, may I never waste a moment of closeness by failing to perceive the suffering of those I love now, may I hold myself with a forgiving compassion.

May I myself come to the aid of all these beings throughout space and time. And though at present I lack much skill, though now my anger, attachment and lack of wisdom blind and limit me, may I trust my limitless ability to grow and may I respect the progress I’ve already made.
So to free all beings and myself, may I gently nurture every ability and understanding, may I develop great love, compassion and wisdom. May I not rest until I do so, though it take me many life times, for there is nothing greater I can achieve in this existence.

May my heart be always brave.

© Tenzin Jesse May, 2001 For the students of Bodhiheart Sangha

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