Stillpower: A Path to Flow, Clarity, and Responsiveness

True change isn’t willful. It’s so fluent and intuitive that we don’t even realize it happened. — Garrett Kramer

~~~~ Tip of the Day: Sports guru and author Garret Kramer has a unique theory about what separates great performers. Kramer believes that the classic ‘grind it out’ mentality that we’re taught at a young age actually prevents athletes from realizing their potential — and he’s betting it’s impacting your performance at work, too. His insights led him to write a book: ‘Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence.’ In his words: “I truly believe the finest competitors in every sport, or in life, play the game with what I call stillpower not with willpower. This understanding is key to success. What I mean is that despite the desire to win, these competitors remain open to all possible outcomes; win or lose, they know they’ll be perfectly okay. What arises out of this is a level of consciousness that lets them excel.”

~~~~ Be The Change: The next time you need to perform well, try engaging your ‘stillpower’ instead of your willpower.

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