A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Each resolve to live more kindly loosens restrictive knots of self-interest. Life then flows more freely on its true course. The way an unfettered river runs swift to the ocean. — Daily Good Editors

Good News of the Day:
The upcoming new year serves as a reminder of hope, possibilities, and new beginnings. As we prepare to step into 2012, here’s a new tool to help turn our annual motivation outward, resolving to brighten the lives of others: Resolution12.org. Its organizer, a chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania named Rev. Chaz Howard, calls it “a public campaign to challenge people to make outwardly-focused resolutions to care for others, instead of inwardly-focused resolutions for self-improvement.” This simple initiative connects a community of people who want to volunteer, help a loved one, recycle, and do dozens of other things to be kind to others. The endless possibilities are recorded online in people’s own words, creating a shared space for declarations that translate into service and inspire others.

Be The Change:
Rev. Howard’s advice: to reflect and then “make a resolution that is not too big — and doable. What is the little imprint you can make on the world?” For inspiration and to share, visit Resolution12 here.

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