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In this practice one recollects negativity, contemplates its nature, generates apprehension of its karmic implications, and resolves to purify one’s mind of the negative traces. On the basis of this resolve one takes refuge, develops the bodhimind and enters the Vajrasattva meditation or whatever method is being used. One can also do exercises such as prostrations and so forth. This concentration of purifying energies destroys the potency of negative karmic imprints like the germ of a barley seed roasted in a fire.

Here it is important to begin the meditation session with a contemplative meditation and then to transform this into settled meditation for a prolonged period of time. One abides in the settled meditation until it begins to lose intensity, and then temporarily reverts to contemplative meditation in order to invigorate the mind, returning to fixed meditation once a contemplative atmosphere has been restored.

Generally our mind is habituated to directing all of our energies into things that benefit this life alone, things of no spiritual consequence. By performing these types of meditations, our natural attachment to the meaningless activities of this life subsides and we begin to experience an inner appreciation for spiritual values. When spontaneously one’s mind appreciates spiritual rather than mundane goals one has become an active practitioner of initial perspective.(p.117)

–from The Path to Enlightenment by H.H. the Dalai Lama, edited and translated by Glenn H. Mullin, published by Snow Lion Publications

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