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A Saturday Well Spent January 31, 2012 – Posted by Bluebell
Today my heart is full of joy and gratefulness for my family and for the beautiful people I encountered today. My husband worked all night as a police volunteer and got home at 5.30 a.m. in the morning and then left at 4 p.m. this afternoon for another shift. My daughter spent the morning with some friends and neighbors raising money for a very famous charity in our town and also helped one of her friend’s dad raise money for a sponsored climb of a mountain in Morocco.

And what did I do? Well, I bought some cakes for my daughter and her friend and gave a smile card to the gentleman that was selling the cakes, plus a card that said, "May all your days be filled with Love." I went to the library and left the cards inside the magazines and books and on the shelves so people could find them. I went to one of the charity shops in town and I saw a lady that is always there, I guess one could say that she is a professional volunteer and she is always smiling. I heard her mention the lottery for some reason so, I went out and bought her a thank you card and a cake and inside of the card I put a lottery ticket. I wish I could have seen her face.

I went to my favorite coffee shop and I left more cards in the magazines. They had some organic vegetables for sale on a small table outside with an "honesty" cup for payment so I overpaid for my lettuce and carrots and left some cards inside the cup. The I came back and picked up the girls and gave some cash to my neighbor to sponsor his mountain climb and took the girls out for lunch.

And now I am home feeling the bliss of a well-spent Saturday.

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