10 Keys for Achieving Group Flow

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller

Tip of the Day:
Recent scientific research reveals that great creativity almost always springs from collaboration, conversation, and social networks — challenging our mythical image of the isolated genius. Keith Sawyer has been studying the phenomenon known as “flow,” where we get so absorbed in a task that we lose track of time; it’s what some people refer to as being “in the zone.” Research shows that when a group is in flow, it’s more likely to resolve problems with surprising and creative solutions. Given how much of our personal and professional time is spent collectively, how can business managers, coaches, and the rest of us foster group flow? From studying improv groups, jazz musicians, and business teams, Sawyer shares that group flow tends to emerge when 10 key conditions are in place. This essay published by Greater Good shares more.

Be The Change:
Get your group flow on: use some of Sawyer’s tips in your next group meeting.

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