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Lillies And Baby Breath For A Stranger May 3, 2012 – Posted by enpai
Yesterday, after finding this site, I enrolled in HelpOthers!

Some really great stories got my own creative juices flowing. Living near a hospital, I decided to give flowers to one of the elderly people I often see there.

I hopped on my bicycle and did not let the hesitancy I felt overcome me. I was going to do this – period!

There she was, an elderly woman in a wheel chair with a man sitting beside her on the low stone wall around side of the hospital building. I zipped on over to a flower stall in the nearby market and bought a bunch of pink lilies and some baby breath. The kind lady wrapped them up and off I went.

The elderly couple were still there when I got back. But they looked like they might be about to leave.

I approached them. The woman, with her gray hair cut very short and a tube in her nose, looked at me blankly as I bent down to give her the flowers. Her husband took the flowers and placed them on her lap. Then she managed to take them in her hand.

As the three of us looked at each other, I was surprised that the usual polite refusals of the Taiwanese were not said. The man and I locked eyes as he repeatedly said XieXie -Thank you!

I smiled and stood there for a few moments then rode off.

Today, I bless them for their presence and thank them for allowing me to help.

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