Finding Nimo: A Rap Star’s Journey With 16 Slum Kids

The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children. — Mahatma Gandhi

Good News of the Day:
At the pinnacle of a dizzying career, Indo-American rapper Nimo was haunted by an unshakeable sense of emptiness. In his mid-twenties, he abandoned the limelight and found himself meditating in the foothills of the Himalayas. There an inner voice nudged him to radically simplify his life and find his purpose in service of others. He moved to the Gandhi Ashram in India and dedicated himself to the children in the surrounding slums. Fast-forward to April 2012: Nimo and a dance troupe of sixteen of “his kids” are touring the world with “Ekatva” — a performance whose ultimate message is Oneness. Read more about Nimo’s inspired journey and the transformation of a ragtag group of slum kids into global emissaries of unity who are bringing grown audiences to their feet in tears.

Be The Change:
Meet the children of the Ekatva Tour through their stories, and get involved.

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