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Kindness Daily: Giving Away My Skateboard

December 8, 2012
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Giving Away My Skateboard December 8, 2012 – Posted by Micah1116
When I was a teenager I used to skateboard all the time! It seems like that’s a phase a lot of teenagers go through.

I would always buy the really nice skateboards the professionals used. I still had one that I bought not too long ago. But, since I don’t skateboard anymore, I thought about going to a skateboard shop and giving it to some kid.I know I would have been so excited if someone had done that for me when I was younger.

So, I drove to the local skateboard shop and waited outside for about ten minutes. A boy and his dad were about to walk into the shop when I stepped up and asked him if he’d like my skateboard. He asked how much? I told him it was free – as long as he used it!

His eyes lit up and I could really see how excited he was. So I handed him my skateboard, wished them a good day, and walked back to my car. His dad kept asking me if I was really giving him my skateboard, and I kept saying, "Yep!"

I think his dad was more excited than he was! I was very happy that I could give someone a skateboard – and a really nice one, that I know he liked!

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